After a busy few months, I am excited to say that WE DID IT, and successfully launched our brand new product for my company CricketFlours.com.  About six months ago, my company was contacted by the Oprah Magazine for a feature piece including cricket protein as an alternative flour to showcase in 2016!  We were beyond ecstatic to be included in the article, and thought it would be a great opportunity to schedule the release of our new Cricket Brownie Mix product that was currently in development.

We decided to launch our company’s first Kickstarter campaign to coincide with the February magazine publication, and successfully raised over $25,000+.  While it was a long journey, it was an amazing opportunity for the business and also for our team to focus on execution in a new area of business.  With the Kickstarter successfully behind us, we are now entering production of the new Cricket Brownie Mix from Cricket Flours that will launch nationwide in June 2016 with our new logo and packaging design.

Cricket Flour Kickstarter


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