Japan Tour with the Young Americans

Charles WilsonThis past April I received a call from my old director and friend Bill Brawley from my time performing and touring with a group called the Young Americans. I was on a plane back to Oregon for a fundraising event for the University of Oregon, and when he asked if I wanted to direct a cast on tour in Japan for a few weeks I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to travel to a country I love and see the current cast and organization.  Overall it was an amazing experience to direct such a great cast and to see how far the organization and program have come over the past few years.

I first traveled to Japan on the second part of a 5-month performance tour.  However, it was the first time our group had performed the outreach tour in Japan and we spent a lot of time promoting the tour and were based in Tokyo for the tour.  Arriving back in the country brought forth so many great memories.  However, coming back as a director gave me such a different perspective of our group, the work that they do, and how talented the cast members are.  These 45 members of the tour were for the majority on their first tour.  However, after only a few months I could already see how far they had come and how great they are going to be as performers, and more importantly as teachers.

This upcoming March we will be meeting back up in Tokyo, Japan, for the 10-year reunion of our group coming to the country of Japan.  I don’t have any expectations but I am so excited to travel back to Japan to experience the culture and reconnect with all of the amazing staff, students, and families that we met while on tour.

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