Breaking Up, Not Broken

Whether it is a relationship, friendship, startup, or generational business there will sometimes come a time where it is time to break up.  Whether for personal or business reasons, it is often a scenario that many of us have experienced and some come to fear.  However it is important to always remember that while you may be breaking up, your not broken…your not broken.

I have personally worked with a variety of startups in the tech, law, and consumer product space and there are always going to be highs and lows.  Some startups will succeed amazingly and some won’t.  Perhaps the idea isn’t actually a good one.  Perhaps the market just isn’t ready for your product or business.  Either way the most important piece of advice is to be able to separate these successes and failures from your own personal evaluation of yourself.  I have worked with amazing individuals and founders that have technical skills or design insights that far surpass my own.  However, a setback within the business will sometimes cause them to feel that disappointment as a personal failure when it is often beyond their control.  When their amazing idea might not work that should never be regarded a personal downfall, but another opportunity.  Sure it sucks, but you move on and that same talent that inspired one idea will inspire another to come.

So the next time your relationship, friendship, startup, business or product fails in some form or another always remember that while it may be breaking up in some form, it is not broken.  And more importantly you are not broken. Use the experience to drive you to your next success and move on.

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