April Fools Day – But for Real!

Cricket FloursOver the past few weeks I have been busy working on a new product release and partnership, and I am so excited to say that the new Cricket Milkshake will actually be available for the first time with Wayback Burgers out in NY!  A little over a week ago, Wayback Burgers wanted to put together a press release for April Fools Day to talk about a fictitious milkshake they were launching that was going to use crickets.  However, when they released it before the April 1st date, some news stations and customers didn’t take note of the release date and started asking them about when and where they could try the new shake.

One evening I received an email through the company website asking if we were able to source and ship Cricket Flours.  There was no mention of a store or a press release, so I decided to follow up with an email and gave out my phone number in case they wanted to connect.  Fast forward a few days and we had rush shipped out some initial product for development, and shipped out even more for the limited release of the Cricket Milkshake.  So if you are out in the NY area and want to check out the world’s first Cricket Milkshake, make sure to stop by the Wayback Burgers!

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